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They used to sell Cleaning Gift Vouchers with the motto:

“Our Cleaning Vouchers make great gifts for friends, family, work colleagues, partners, peers and everyone! They make the perfect gift for any occasion!”

Cleaning gift vouchers are an innovative and practical way to offer cleaning services as a gift to friends, family, or colleagues. These vouchers can be used for various cleaning services, ranging from residential cleaning and office cleaning to specialized cleaning like window washing or carpet cleaning. They are becoming increasingly popular as a thoughtful and convenient gift idea that helps alleviate the burden of household chores for the recipient.

Types of Cleaning Gift Vouchers

  1. Residential Cleaning Vouchers: Ideal for busy families, new parents, or elderly relatives, these vouchers cover services like general home cleaning, laundry, dusting, and vacuuming.
  2. Commercial Cleaning Vouchers: These are perfect for small business owners or those looking to spruce up their work environment. They cover office cleaning services, including sanitation, decluttering, and maintenance.
  3. Specialized Cleaning Vouchers: Targeted towards specific cleaning tasks such as carpet cleaning, window washing, or post-renovation cleaning, these vouchers are suitable for those who need particular services.


  1. Thoughtful and Practical: Unlike generic gifts, cleaning gift vouchers cater to a real need, making them a considerate and practical choice.
  2. Flexible and Customizable: Many providers offer customizable packages, allowing the giver to choose the type of cleaning service, duration, and even add-ons like eco-friendly products or pet-friendly services.
  3. Convenience: Purchasing a cleaning gift voucher is often as simple as buying online, making it a hassle-free gift that can be done last minute.
  4. Encourages Self-Care: By gifting a cleaning service, the giver is indirectly encouraging the recipient to take time for themselves, knowing that their cleaning chores are taken care of.

How to Purchase

Cleaning gift vouchers can be purchased directly from cleaning companies, either in-store or online. Many providers offer options to personalize the voucher with a special message or choose a specific package to suit the recipient’s needs. Once purchased, the voucher can often be emailed directly to the recipient or printed for a more personal touch.


Cleaning gift vouchers are more than just a unique gift idea; they represent a gesture of kindness and understanding towards the needs and daily challenges faced by the recipient. Whether it’s a busy friend who needs a break from household chores or a relative who requires specialized cleaning, these vouchers provide a tangible solution. In a world where time is often scarce, the gift of a clean and tidy space can be a precious and much-appreciated offering.