About Us

Founded in 2022, Solar Panel Cleaning UK was built on the belief that renewable energy is the future. We understood the essential role solar panels play in our transition to cleaner energy, and we recognized that these panels need optimal maintenance to perform their best.

We have grown from a small, locally-operated business into a larger nationwide panel cleaning company, only employing the services of already experienced panel cleaners. We serve both residential and commercial clients across the United Kingdom.

Subsequently, we have purchased two other cleaning related businesses, one is Cleaning Gift Vouchers, and the second one is Come Clean which has previously been nominated for the Scottish SME Prize!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide efficient and environmentally friendly solar panel cleaning solutions to ensure your system functions at peak efficiency. 

Through our tailor-made services, we help our clients maximise the performance of their solar panels, reduce energy costs, and contribute to a greener planet.

"Keeping solar panels clean is not just a matter of efficiency; it's a reflection of our commitment to harnessing the sun's pure energy, responsibly and sustainably”
Nikolas, Owner